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The Mobjack Bay’s environmental conditions are perfect for cultivating some of the best tasting oysters in the world. Mobjack Bay is the melting pot of the North, East, and Ware rivers. Mobjack Bay also gets the freshwater effluent from the Piankatank, Rappahannock, and Potomac rivers just north of Mobjack Bay, reducing the salinity of the oysters at Mobjack Bay and creating a decadent, sensual dance of sweet and salty tastes.

Because our oysters are grown on clean white sand, away from the silt of the brackish water, they are best enjoyed naked (or without sauce) on the half shell. It is their enticing complexity of taste that makes them a tantalizing treat. Our oysters were cultivated by Virginia Institute of Marine Science in conjunction with The College of William & Mary to be disease resistant, because of this, they are able to be harvested 12 months out of the year, allowing us to deliver fresh, plump and juicy oysters all year round.

All of our oysters are harvested and grated by hand, because at The Naked Oyster, we believe in quality and tradition. The oyster is well known as an aphrodisiac. It is reputed that our clean and environmentally friendly method of cultivation strengthens our oysters famous aphrodisiac qualities. In short: if you eat a Naked Oyster… you’ll be getting naked too.

Fresh, Delicious Oysters
Environmentally Friendly
Organic, USA Grown
Aphrodisiac Qualities
100% Hand Inspected

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