In the buff, on the half shell.

Our oysters are so delicious… you’ll beg for them naked.

The Naked Oyster… au natural.

Oysters Shucked


Beers Drank


Lemons Squeezed


Late Nights

The Naked Oyster is delicious and fresh, my customers ask for them by name!

John S.

These oysters will change your life! There is no better oyster out there. Clean, fresh and sooooo delicious.

Jessica R.

The Naked Oyster is the perfect addition to my bar's menu. They go great with an ice cold beer and the best part? You can eat them completely NAKED!

Jim F.

The Naked Oyster

Ditch the hot sauce and crackers and prepare for an oyster like no other. The Naked Oyster features a taste that can only be described as an alluring dance of sweet and salty. Our oysters are so tantalizing, you’ll beg for them “naked”, on the half-shell with an ice cold beverage.


Take It All Off

We deliver clean, environmentally friendly oysters that have been washed and grated by hand for 100% inspection. No grit, no silt, no barnacles. So plump, juicy and pure that they’re best enjoyed naked.


Get Naked & Let Loose

Oysters are well known for their aphrodisiac qualities. Our clean, pure and environmentally friendly cultivating methods are reputed to increase the aphrodisiac qualities of our oysters. Thanks to us, the oysters won’t be the only thing that’s naked!

World Famous

Oysters grown in the Mobjack Bay of North-Eastern Virginia have been hailed as the best tasting oysters in the United States... and possibly the world.

Unique Taste

Our organic, environmentally friendly oysters are the perfect marriage of sweet and salty. Perfect on the half-shell with an ice cold beverage.

Better Naked

Fresh on the half-shell, in the buff. Our oysters are best enjoyed ``naked``, allowing their decadent flavor to steal the show.

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