Where does the Naked Oyster come from?

Our oysters are grown and harvested in north-eastern Virginia’s Mobjack Bay. The Mobjack Bay is located on the wester shore of the Chesepeak Bay in Virginia. It sits between the Rappahannock River on the north, and the York River on the south. There is a WWII US Navy torpedo boat named after it, called the USS Mobjack.

What does the Naked Oyster taste like?

They have a tantalizing symphony of sweet and salty tastes. The key to this is reduced salinity from the freshwater rivers surrounding the Mobjack Bay, where they are grown and harvested 100% by hand.

What should I eat them with?

We’ve cultivated them so that they can be served 100% on their own. To really enjoy the complexity of flavor, we prefer them naked (meaning without sauce or garnish) on the half-shell.

Are they healthy?

Aside from being incredibly low in cholesterol, these bivalves are an excellent source of minerals zinc & copper. Experts think that oysters accumulate so much zinc & copper to help fight off bacteria and other unwanted diseases. They are also rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Oysters are also rumored to ramp up your libido and improve your sex life and the intensity of these qualities is reputed to be affected by the cultivating process. Our oysters are cultivated, harvested, grated and cleaned 100% by hand, increasing the oysters famous aphrodisiac qualities! So it’s safe to say… your oysters wont be the only ones getting naked!

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Are they available in months without an ``R``

This is a controversy that has been around since before Roman times. This old adage is based on the spawning season of oysters, during which they lose a lot of their meat and become relatively tasteless. Our oysters however are sterile, in order to prevent them from mixing with the native oyster population, and can be enjoyed all 12 months of the year.

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