Will Oysters really make you take it all off?

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Will Oysters really make you take it all off?

Many foods have been rumored to have aphrodisiac qualities… that is, to induce sexual thoughts and urges. On this list is chocolate, pomegranates, red wine. What you might not know is that Oysters have a prominent spot on the list of commonly known aphrodisiacs and while most of these claims of sexually exciting food or drink are unfounded in the scientific community, Oysters are a different story. In recent studies, it was revealed that these tasty bivalves contain many amino acids and minerals that are linked to increased libidos and healthy sex-lives. That, combined with other attributes of our favorite mollusk further back the argument that oysters can really turn you on.

Oysters contain a lot of Zinc.
Zinc is an essential mineral for many reasons. In the case of oysters, however… the mineral is scientifically linked to testosterone and sperm production. You may know this but testosterone is the hormone in men that is responsible for libido, a.k.a. sexual desire. It is no secret that, according to several studies and surveys, men think about sex almost constantly (once every 7 seconds) and testosterone is 100% responsible for this.

Amino Acids benefit both sexes.
In recent studies of the biological components of the oyster, two unusual amino acids were found and tested: D-aspartic acid (D-Asp) and N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) Scientist injected these acid into rats and found that they had testosterone AND progesterone increasing capabilities. According to scientists, increased levels of these hormones in your blood show that you’re more sexually active than those with low levels of testosterone and progesterone.

The oyster eating experience is well… sexy.
There is just something¬†about the silky texture and the delicate sweet but salty taste of an oyster that can be arousing to some. And according to the scientist from our previously mentioned study… they are most effective in their natural state: Naked.

It is reputed that our method of cultivation and harvesting, due to its natural, environmental quality AND the fact that our oysters are best served au natual that The Naked Oyster has increased aphrodisiac qualities. So we think it’s safe to say… if you eat a Naked Oyster… you’ll be getting Naked too.

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